Thursday, 3 April 2014

Moth Trapping 02-04-2014

After a sticky but dull day yesterday I thought I really should get the trap out again (off to Kent next week so hopefully I'll trap a few interesting ones there) and it was an OK night, I had my first Micro's of the year and my first carpet but otherwise it was business as usual.

The Moths

Caloptilia semifascia 3 NFM
Red-green Carpet  1 NFY
Early Thorn  1
Small Quaker  1
Common Quaker  12
Hebrew Character  8
Early Grey  2

The Photos

Sorry not as many pics as normal. In fact just the one.

Red-Green Carpet - Milton Keynes 2014
Red-Green Carpet - Milton Keynes 2014

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Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Moth Trapping 31-03-2014

The Herald - Milton Keynes 2014
The Herald - Milton Keynes 2014
Finally managed to find some time and good weather to get the trap out overnight last night and I'm glad I did 9 species in the trap (maybe 10 I'm a little unsure if one of them is a Clouded Drab or a lead Coloured Drab) with 39 moths. Including at least 1 new one for me. and at least 2 new ones for the year (not including the new one for me).

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Moth Trapping 19-03-2014 Milton Keynes

Early Grey Moth, Milton Keynes
Early Grey
Another balmy night (although the wind was a little stronger than recently, but by no means back to the fence flattening levels of Feb), and so out went the trap and again there were good numbers 30 in total of 7 species another 2 new ones for the year (Satellite and Early Thorn), and only my second Small Quaker.

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Moth Trapping Milton Keynes 12th March 2014

After a cold an misty start to March the 12th the afternoon warmed up (it is always odd seeing people in just T-shirts in March but I guess climate change is pretty obvious these days), although it was still cold out of the sun, but I thought I would try the trap again tonight, I don't know why but I keep expecting the excitement of summer when it's been warm, I have to remind myself it is still winter really, and spring is only just starting.