Firstly let me just say this blog was originally started on another site, but I have chosen to move it here, so the first couple of posts wil be in quick succession but date from a while ago.
Ok lets start at the beginning, in 2010 I made a decision to start trapping moths in my garden, my options were to buy a ready made moth trap (something my other half rightly pointed out was too expensive if it was just a passing fad) or build my own. I took the second option! I'll blog about building the trap another day. 
I started trapping and caught a few moths, but then I moved house and the trap was put away at the back of the garage, until now. I now live in a small (detached) house in Milton Keynes (all I'm gonna say is it isn't far from a small grove of ancient woodland, or the shopping centre).

In this blog I intend to post details of the moths I discover along with the odd photo, my goal is to find elephant hawk moths in the trap, and my dream is to find the Hornet Moth (pretty unlikely).

My garden isn't big but I have one large apple tree and a few smaller bushes, the nearby gardens also contain a good number of large bushes and a few more apple trees (I would guess apple tree moth will almost be certain.

I'll give details of my trap in a later post, but it is a small heath type with a low watt actinic tube.

Well wish me luck.