Tuesday, 22 March 2011

First nights trapping (original from 20/03/2011)

The first night mothing was poor! Ok so slight exageration, it's not the first night trapping, I have used this trap in a previous house and caught a few moths (not hundreds but I started in 2010), My first night trapping in my current house, and my grand total of moths was one solitary Hebrew charachter! Lovely looking moth, but not really earth shattering.

Three images of the moth below.

Hebrew Character Top view
Hebrew Character Front view

Hebrew Character Side view

Night time Conditions:
Weather: The night started quite clear but was overcast and cold by morning.
Moon: The moon was full and bright. (infact it was the brightest the moon has been in decades, and the closest, so maybe not a great night for trapping).

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