Monday, 28 March 2011

Is it my trap or is it the weather?

Perhaps it was too cold last night, or maybe it is my trap but another poor nights trapping, just the two moths, both Hebrew Characters, and one lone caterpillar - As yet unidentified!

I think I might spend some time in the next few weeks, adding veins to the sides of the lamp itself, and tidying things up (wires are a mess). I also wonder whether I should make sure the tops or sides of the container are not clear? Anyone who reads this and knows about these things, the advice would be much appreciated. Hmm... or maybe it is my trap positioning? Oh well, I guess some of the fun comes from finding out what works, and what doesn't.

I quite enjoyed trying to get the cat to pose nicely, and would love to find one of the big hawk moth cats to photograph, maybe I'l make that a goal for the year (along with trapping an elephant hawk moth).

Clear night, quite cold, slight dew in the morning. Moon 45% illuminated.

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  1. Ashley, post a pic of your trap to see if there is anything we can suggest?