Wednesday, 20 April 2011

New article about moth photography

Well today I published an article to my site about moth photography; read it here I'd be interested to see what people think?

As for trapping, it is most definitely my trap, plenty of bugs around the light of an evening, but no moths caught!! Time to start the change to a simpler skinner trap design. No just need to get it all made for me (thank god someone in my family is handy with a saw!).

I guess there won't be many updates here for a while (unless I stumble across some day flying critters).


  1. It's still definitely! For easy home made traps, that work see:

  2. Many thanks Tony, I didn't realise you could use wooden lids for skinner type traps, I assumed it had to be clear! Do they catch as well as clear lidded ones do you know?

  3. The lids are wooden but there is a plastic funnel in each. The clear panels are for your convenience, not the moths, once in there and in the egg box they're probably better in the dark. Mine are just cobbled together. I now have clear baffles under the lid, so I can see what I've got when I lift the lid off. It's difficult to compare catches as they all use different lights. But last night, for instance one of my 25w black lights had the most moths.