Monday, 11 April 2011

Still no luck

1 lone Hebrew Character in the trap this morning, I must be doing something wrong! Will try positioning the trap away from bushes and if that fails will try a blacklight bulb (with definite UV rating of over 350), and if that fails, I'll look at a skinner style trap, while saving for a brought trap.


  1. Ashley, must be a design fault there somewhere. Are you sure its turned on! ;)

  2. Ashley, on cold clear nights there can be very low catches, I only caught two moths on the 4th. I don't think you're doing anything wrong (except not being able to spell DEFINITELY, my pet hate). Keep going and the moths will arrive. I've put a link on my mothing blog.

  3. I'm pretty sure Stewart, but that could be the issue.

    Thanks Tony (embarrassingly, spelling mistakes corrected) and I'll keep trying, maybe it is just the cold clear nights causing the issues.