Thursday, 26 May 2011

25th May 2011

I resorted to using the old white lamp, and I'll be honest I'm a bit shocked I caught anything, so who knows what I may have caught with a better bulb. Last nights total was 13 moths!

  • Heart + Dart - 2
  • Garden Carpet - 2
  • Silver-ground Carpet - 2 (new for garden)
  • Brown House Moth - 1
  • Scoparia Pyralella - 1
  • Green Pug - 1 (new for me)
  • Common Pug - 1
  • Small Dusty Wave. - 1 (new for me)
  • Macro sp - 1
  • Codling Moth. - 1 (new for me)
Green Pug

Scoparia Pyralella

Codling Moth

Small Dusty Wave

Unknown Macro
 Not too many photos this morning but I have work to go to (late as child care issues, yeah probably not something you need to know) just thought I would snap the new ones or ones I needed ID help with. Except the silver-ground carpet, which I have seen a few of in my walks around the local woods (images of which can be seen on my blog about the area - )


  1. Ashley, I`m not sure about the noctuid, but the micro looks like Codling Moth (cydia pomonella0 & the Pug is in fact a Small Dusty Wave.

  2. Many thanks Dean, I appreciate the help Both new ones for me. Still so much to learn, birds are so much easier (or maybe I am just more experienced there)

  3. Hi Ashley,
    Your Unknown Noctuid is almost certainly a Turnip Moth. I've had a few of these almost jet black ones recently. So dark, that you can't see any of the other markings........

  4. Hi Matt I was thinking similar myself and have it written in my notebook as turnip moth? But still learning so very cagey with some IDs.