Tuesday, 3 May 2011

More questions than answers

So after a nights trapping (29/04/2011) and again only one moth, a new one for me – Early Grey (pics below) – I am looking at the issues with my lack of moths more closely. My reasons for failure are: 
  1. No moths – Highly unlikely, as some are around.
  2. The trap is rubbish – The most likely I will be having a new Skinner trap made for me soon (just need to finance it) using my existing set of electrics (a light fitting from a fish tank), this means the box will need to be 2 feet wide to accommodate the T8 18 watt bulb.
  3. The light source – Again this could be a problem, I am using a fish tank bulb from a pet store, the box talked about UVA but did not give a rating, I have a new one on order this one is a blue blacklight that has a UV output of 356 (I’ve checked with the people on the back-garden moths forum, and it looks good).
  4.  My timings, I have, up until now, been checking my trap when I get up at about 07:00 I’ve done some reading and I think this might be way too late, so I will be getting up before first light tonight to check and cover the trap (if this is part of my issues then I am a fool!).
  5.  Anything else – I know a few people read this so any other suggestions of what could be wrong please let me know.
If 3 and 4 are not issues, I will try a skinner, then we will see if it is in fact option 1, but I highly doubt this will be the issue.

I do have a few other things I will be researching soon, firstly a potion to use to try a bit of sugaring, I hope this may help me add a few new species. And secondly a question I was asked about when speaking to my brother in law about building my trap.

Would a light source inside the box be better at attracting and keeping moths? In my head this seems like a sensible idea, the moths see the light through the hole come down and then can’t easily get back out, but as I have NEVER seen a trap like this, and I can’t believe this has not been tried, I wonder what I am missing?

Oh well, here are a couple of shots of the Early Grey:

Early Grey (side view)

Early Grey (top view)

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