Saturday, 14 May 2011

And a few more new ones

Tonight I placed a large sheet behind the trap, and it certainly made for an interesting blueish glow emanating from the end of the garden! Unfortunately it didn’t improve my catch at all, numbers down to only 6 moths of 5 species:
  • Treble Lines – 1
  • Heart + Dart - 1
  • Garden carpet – 1 (Flew before picture)
  • Scoparia sp (I’ve been advised ambigualis) – 2
  • Turnip Moth – 1
So a couple of new ones there for me, the garden list is now growing well up to 19 including one as a caterpillar only (a Lackey seen yesterday on the path by my daughter). It is still windy here, which might be slowing down the numbers, and surprisingly cold at night (round here) compared to the temperature of the day.

As I said in my previous posts I will be commissioning my brother-in-law to build me a skinner type trap as soon as I can convince the other half to part with the cash (a harder task than you would imagine, she isn’t too keen on moths!).

Treble Lines

Treble Lines

Turnip Moth

Scoparia (ambigualis)

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