Thursday, 5 May 2011

One ruled out

OK so I was up at 05:00 yesterday morning, the light was just starting to creep into the world, and not a single moth was to be found in or around my trap. As soon as my new bulb arrives I will try to rule out the bulb being the issue, but at least my laziness hasn't caused me to miss a multitude of moths.

With my postal service it may be sometime till I get the new bulb, so will be back posting then.


  1. Hi Ashley,
    I check my trap between 5.30 and 6am.

    If I were you I would start from scratch. Redesign your trap using one of the many Skinner templates available online and use either a 125w MV bulb or twin 15w actinic tubes also available online with their respective electrics. If costs are prohibitive use a simple standard batten lamp holder with a 160w blended bulb available for a tenner on line. This doesnt need a choke or anything, just plug in and away you go.

    These are all tried and well tested methods that catch lots of moths. I see on forums etc where people are constantly trying different bulbs, lights, traps ending up with half a dozen not quite right traps when all that is required is the one, using already tested means.

    I hope this helps.


  2. I agree, but the blacklight is something I wanted anyway, my garden is not huge and I am getting funny looks from my neighbours due to the bright light emitted from my garden some nights!!

    In princible the setup light wise I have is an actinic tube that is 18 watts. Once the new bulb arrives (one I know works after talking to people on forums) I'll try it out and if still no luck I wil be following one of the online templates for a skinner trap (as you advise) although slightly wider than normal to accomodate the 2 feet of the light I have (I can't see that makeing a difference?).

  3. Hi Ashley, mothing is all about trial and error, but I can pretty much guarantee that your moth problems are down to the bulb you were using. To attract moths, you need UV light, which a fish tank tube would have emitted little of (especially if it glowed bright when turned on).

    The blacklight you have ordered emits almost totally UV light, and very little energy is given out as visible light, so I can guaratee your catches will significantly improve, unless you live in the worst garden in Britain, which I doubt you do!

    What style of trap are you currently using? Traps with funnels generally retain more moths than Skinner traps, which is what I use, but if you want to maximise your catch, then I suggest suspending a sheet behind the trap to reflect the light.

    Good luck and happy mothing!