Sunday, 15 May 2011

Shock Micro

After a walk around my local woods (see my other blog Linford Wood Wild Wood where I addad a new Moth species to m list Micropterix calthella) I walked into my house to have a tiny micro moth land on my jumper, and what a beauty it was! A stunning Horse Chestnut leaf-miner!

Horse Chestnut leaf-miner


  1. That Common Swift a few posts down is brilliant, and a species I would love to catch. Your micro is actually a Horse Chestnut leaf-miner. Note the shape and colour of the cross lines, and also the overall posture of the moth.

    Happy trapping!


  2. Yes an ohridella (sounds like horrid fella) as it is a pest species in this Country as it is an introduced species, still pretty though and i've seen a few about that brightened up my day as well.

  3. Many thanks guys, I'll make the changes, these micros are so tricky, and I have so much to learn!