Monday, 27 June 2011

Back to the trapping

First nights trapping for a while and it was an unusual one! I was working all night so my trappings were not checkable until around 07:20 a good two plus hours after sunrise, a risky strategy in some ways, 2 hours of daylight for the moths to do the off or worse be gobbled up by the local bird population (not that I begrudge feeding them).

Well there were still plenty around (including quite a few macros outside the trap) inside the trap there were stacks of micros, so many that they kept flying out while I tried to count them, I counted 20 or so moths from last night but at least 5 or maybe more flew off.

Anyway, onto the important details, the ones I identified or photographed:

1 Agapeta Hamana (New for me).
1 Treble lines
1 Large Emerald (New for Me) Flew before I could get a picture unfortunately.
1 Buff Ermine (New for Me)
1 Common White Wave (New for Me)
2 Pale Mottled Willow (New for Me)
1 Treble Brown Spot (New for Me)
2 Celypha Striana (New for Me)
3 Chrysoteuchia Cilmella (New for Me)
1 Mottled Beauty (New for Me)
1 Scalloped Oak (New for Me)
2 Bee Moth
1 Pug sp. - Flew before ID/Photo
1 Yponomeuta sp. – Flew before ID/Photo

So lots of new species (kind of to be expected as I have never trapped this time of year) but really liked the Ermine, stunning looker and the Common White Wave is a real stand out moth!

2 other moths seen in the garden today (not from the trap) 1 other Celypha Striana, this one much browner than the other 2, and 1 small dusty wave?

Agapeta Hamana

Bee Moth

Buff Ermine Moth

Buff Ermine Moth

Celypha Striana
Celypha Striana 2nd example

Chrysoteuchia Cilmella

Chrysoteuchia Cilmella

Common White Wave

Mottled Beauty

Scalloped Oak

Small Dusty Wave

Treble Brown Spot
 And whilst writing this I have just found a Dark Arches in my kitchen, a good day for moths.