Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Beginners luck?

When I went to work last night I assumed that the rain that had been persisting most of the day would continue over night, but suddenly the sun was out and the evening was turning into a really pleasant one (well in terms of weather), but I hadn’t put my trap out what a waste. Well a quick communication with my better half and I managed to convince her to set it out for me (she isn’t too keen on moths, and has not really seen how I do things), but she agreed.

Well when I arrived home at 04:30 this morning there were 22 moths sitting in the trap waiting for my inspection, typical, I get in the teens her first time and she gets over 20!! Species wise it was mainly Heart and Dart, still 8 species in total (identified at any rate) but a few new ones:

  • Heart and Dart – 11.
  • Large Yellow Underwing – 1 (new for year).
  • Garden carpet – 1.
  • RIBAND WAVE – 1 (New for me).
  • Dark Arches – 1. 
  • Hedya pruniana – 1 (New for me).
  • Mottled Beauty - 1 (New for me)
  • Ingrailed Clay - 2 (new for me)
  • Flew before ID – 3 (at least 2 were species I had not seen, so bad news).
Hedya Pruniana

Hedya Pruniana

Dark Arches

Ingrailed Clay

Ingrailed Clay

Mottled Beauty

Riband Wave


  1. Unknown 1 and 2 are Ingrailed Clay. See that single dot in the wing...Unknown 3 is Mottled Beauty ( or it would be up here, maybe you get similar species further south...)

  2. Many thanks Stewart, I was offered the same ID as you by guys on back-garden moths :)