Monday, 11 February 2013

A Blank

Well the weather wasn't great last night in fact the only thing I found in my trap was about an inch of snow on the rain guard and some soggy egg boxes. I kind of though this would be the case when the snow started in the afternoon but I just want to get catching with the new trap (too eager).

Anyway it is out again tonight so I hope there may be one or two moths to see tomorrow morning (I don't expect much but the low catches will prepare me for bigger to come in the summer, I hope). The chances are that any moth caught at this time of year will be new to me as well so always worth the effort (not that it is one).

Oh and I hope to update my species list on here tonight while at work (shh don't tell the boss). It is important to remember that the list is my total of moths ever as I have now trapped (or attempted it) in three gardens and have seen some cracking moths at other places (Deaths head and Convulvulus Hawk moth on the Isles of Scilly, Elephant Hawk moth at Minsmere, all before I really started to have an interest in moths there could have been some real rarities at both that I took no interest in).

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