Thursday, 7 February 2013

New Trap

The new moth trap arrived today (despite only being ordered Tuesday and sent out yesterday), it is set up (with an actinic bulb although I have an MBT bulb to use over the summer as it can take both). I have just put it out ready for dark to run for a couple of hours before bed. I would love to have run it overnight but alas I have work tomorrow morning (need to be out the door by 6am). I'm not expecting huge numbers yet (it is only Feb after all) but hopefully as it isn't windy (although it is chilly) a few I haven't seen will turn up.

Anyway I can highly recommend (or rather my other half can, as it was a birthday present) dealing with Paul Batty he gave her expert advice and was really charming and pleasant to deal with. The trap looks great was easy to set up and hopefully will allow me some great catches.

Incidentally I now think the hole in my old trap may have been way too large, which is why I didn't catch much.

Oh and on a more personal note anyone interested in my moth photography I have an article on Photographing Macro Moths on fatphotographer which some of you may like?

I hope to have loads more updates now over the coming months/years.


  1. Best of luck with the new trap.

    Completely agree regards Paul Batty, had my very first trap from Paul, excellent service and advice.


    1. The trap looks great but rain set in just after I put it out so still not had a moth in it (although there was a micro around it at one point).