Friday, 8 March 2013

It's funny how the mind works

It's odd how the mind works sometimes, My year (not wildlife wise) is not going brilliantly, early in Jan my Brother-in-law had a massive Brain aneurysm and is still very much touch an go (although he is out of intensive care now) and today (or rather last night) my Sister (his wife) was taken into hospital with either Pneumonia or Myocarditis (we are waiting on the results at present), so now she is also in a high dependency ward (although in a different hospital). My one saving grace and pretty much the only thing that takes my mind from worrying are my kids and love of wildlife.

The one issue is that so far the winter has been pretty poor for wildlife, the weather has been awful, cold wet and windy, so all I have been able to do is plan, I have spent the first few months planning on where to see (and hopefully photograph) the dragonflies of Milton Keynes (it's a long term project I have been working on anyway), I set up my own spread sheet with the different species, times they fly and locations they have been or are likely to be seen. It helped for a short while, but then I had all species covered and locations and dates great, but I'm still a month or so away from being able to chase them.

And so project 2 began, to see and photograph the butterflies of Milton Keynes, again I knocked up a spreadsheet, have flight times, and locations etc. so I am ready to set out on days off looking for the ones I need to see. Again most will be a while yet, still months to go for the rarer species.

Today when I heard about my sister, I almost immediately set about working out where and when I could find my dream moth - The Hornet Moth (clearwing). I know the like Black Poplar, but I also know it is a rare tree, however I now have two locations in Milton Keynes where the tree grows and moths may be or have been reported. So yet again I am ready to go.

As the title of the blog say's it is funny how the mind works a little trauma and I dive into wildlife, but at least come summer I will have loads of leads on where and when to be places in order to increase my wildlife knowledge. Now I just need to find enough days of sun to visit them all and see what I want to see.

Oh and of course I now need another project to work on!

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