Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Another first

Not much in the trap last two night even though it was overcast (the wind picked up a bit), would have prefered a clear evening to see the meteor shower, but instead I had another first for me in the trap this morning in the form of a stunning EARLY THORN.

1 Hebrew Character
1 Early Grey
1 Early Thorn

Early Thorn

The previous night saw similar numbers but contained a new one for the year in the form of a Emmelina monodactyla.

Emmelina Monodactyla
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Sunday, 21 April 2013

Another cracking night

Well the night of the 19th didn't produce much 4 moths, singles of Diurnea fagella (NFY), Double-striped Pug(NFY) (on the window), Common Quaker and Hebrew Character. But last night, after a warm day was a great evening (even though the skies were crystal clear and it was on the chilly side). 

A total of 16 moths of 6 species (by far the best night this year). It kicked off with a first for me in the form of a TWIN-SPOTTED QUAKER that I spotted on my boys bedroom window while looking at the moon (a quick precarious lean outside of the window and it was in the pot, a bit of a rough individual but still a first so always good.

Twin-Spotted Quaker
In the trap in the morning were 13 moths, of 5 species:

Diurnea fagella - 2
Common Quaker - 3
Clouded Drab - 2
Hebrew Character - 5
Early Grey - 2

As well as a third early grey on the fence post, not a bad haul all in. Tonight I'm trapping out the front (these were all in the back) but it is due to be warmer and overcast over night so may be even better (well I can but hope).

Early Grey
 I have made the assumption that these are both Clouded Drab (see below) but the top one is rather worn and holding it's wings slightly differently.

Clouded Drab side by side
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Friday, 19 April 2013

A little bit odd

Bit late with this posting but on the night of the 16th April (the day before one of the hardest of my life, the funeral of my sister) I had an OK trapping session, 9 moths (even though it was quite windy) of 3 species, nothing too unusual in that respect or in the species:

1 Clouded Drab
2 Common Quaker
6 Hebrew Character

But it was on of the latter that stood out, I know they can vary quite a bit but this individual was not remotely worn but has/had virtually no black in the wing.
Odd variant Hebrew Character
Side view of above.
Now I have heard tell of some in the north or on moors that can show quite little black, but in the heart of Milton Keynes (very much in the Home counties still) perhaps a little odd. Would love to hear others thoughts/experiences with ones like this.

Trapped on the 17th too but wind was gusting around 40mph so only 3 Hebrew Characters. The trap will be out tonight however as wind dropping to 6mph and a cloudy start.

As an aside, my family has started a memorial trust following my sisters death (she was only 40, to the day as it goes, in a very poetic gesture) in order to create a new small woodland in her name and memory (she was a keen environmentalist who spread the word to her best from her home while unfortunately being disabled). So each of my posts for a while will contain a link to the website (at the end) to help build awareness and (hopefully) attract donations to the fund or ideas from people in order to gather the funding we think it may take. - Any help is appreciated.

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

A mad dash to record

I've done something new last night, for the first time I have trapped overnight when working the next morning, as I leave the house before 6 this means I was up at 5:30 checking and recording, and you know what I'm glad I did. My best night so far this year, 10 moths of 3 species!

2 Hebrew Characters
2 Early Grey (NFM)
6 Common Quaker (NFY)

I've been hoping for Early Grey as not trapped one before but know they are quite common really (used to start trapping may at the earliest with my DIY old trap, I had little confidence it would hold up to bad weather), and they really are nice looking moths, but way smaller than I imagined. I was thinking they would be quite large (not hawkmoth but something like a dark arches) not the same size as the Quakers or Hebrew Characters, just goes to show there is nothing like experience.

Early Grey

Early Grey

I was hoping that one or two of the Quakers might be something else but alas they are not.

Common Quaker

Common Quaker resting

If anyone read this post this morning you may have seen only 5 common quaker listed well I found another as I put the trap out (in the trap still) not sure how I missed it but there you go, a 10 moth night. And hoping for more tonight!

Edit: Pics uploaded and moth numbers adjusted.

Saturday, 13 April 2013

Not just Hebrew Characters!

Finally something different! Still not the large numbers of moths, but again last night was a little chilly, but this morning I awoke to two moths, of two species, and OK one was yet another Hebrew Character, but the second was (I'm pretty sure) a Clouded Drab.

Clouded Drab on finger

Alright so it isn't the most exciting Moth in the world, but it is new for the current garden (pretty much everything is as only trapped here since Feb) New for the year (NFY) and new for the trap. They can also be quite tricky to ID (Well for me at least) but I believe the dark wing spots and shape of the wings (Clouded drab are squarer I believe) safely show it's differences from Lead-coloured Drab (and it isn't Common Quaker).

Clouded Drab on rock
I've included the below out of focus shot (well the head) for a better view of the wings, and also a previous upload of a Lead-coloured Drab as comparison (obviously colouration can vary in these moths).
Showing Wing markings

Lead-Coloured Drab for comparison.

Friday, 12 April 2013

Not even bothering to take photos now!

Again two Hebrew Characters and that was all, well apart from two sunflower seeds (No idea how they got in there) and some very wet egg boxes. I guess there could have been more but my alarm failed to go off (05:30) to block up the trap and see if anything was outside of it.

I'll trap out front of my house tonight but Saturday looks awesome weather wise (compared to every other night this year, finally some warmth) so hopefully I'll add some new species.

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Yet More Hebrew's

Another nights trapping and another low count this time only 2 moths both Hebrew Characters. As pretty as these moths are I am getting fed up of only seeing them. I have had 7 successful nights this year (Shocking) caught 12 moths in total and 9 of them have been Hebrew Characters.

I shall carry on (the week looks to be warming up and actually getting quite nice for the weekend) hopefully my next posts will contain more than Hebrew Characters.

Monday, 8 April 2013

The lows of 2013

I may be being selfish but I can't believe how poor the mothing has been, I get a new tap for my birthday in Feb and have so far managed to catch I think 10 moths in total in the trap only 4 species (singles of three and the rest Hebrew Character).

I even had a week away in Kent trapping in my old mans garden (Margate) and blanked every night. I'm sure some of it may be my trapping skills (I don't sit by the trap all night and in fact only visit once before bed then get up pre-dawn to "close" it off.

Anyway last nights trapping produced another three Hebrew Characters (the same as the last time I successfully trapped), and 2 more than the previous catch.

Anyway here are a few images of the recent moths:

Hebrew Character

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