Friday, 19 April 2013

A little bit odd

Bit late with this posting but on the night of the 16th April (the day before one of the hardest of my life, the funeral of my sister) I had an OK trapping session, 9 moths (even though it was quite windy) of 3 species, nothing too unusual in that respect or in the species:

1 Clouded Drab
2 Common Quaker
6 Hebrew Character

But it was on of the latter that stood out, I know they can vary quite a bit but this individual was not remotely worn but has/had virtually no black in the wing.
Odd variant Hebrew Character
Side view of above.
Now I have heard tell of some in the north or on moors that can show quite little black, but in the heart of Milton Keynes (very much in the Home counties still) perhaps a little odd. Would love to hear others thoughts/experiences with ones like this.

Trapped on the 17th too but wind was gusting around 40mph so only 3 Hebrew Characters. The trap will be out tonight however as wind dropping to 6mph and a cloudy start.

As an aside, my family has started a memorial trust following my sisters death (she was only 40, to the day as it goes, in a very poetic gesture) in order to create a new small woodland in her name and memory (she was a keen environmentalist who spread the word to her best from her home while unfortunately being disabled). So each of my posts for a while will contain a link to the website (at the end) to help build awareness and (hopefully) attract donations to the fund or ideas from people in order to gather the funding we think it may take. - Any help is appreciated.

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