Tuesday, 16 April 2013

A mad dash to record

I've done something new last night, for the first time I have trapped overnight when working the next morning, as I leave the house before 6 this means I was up at 5:30 checking and recording, and you know what I'm glad I did. My best night so far this year, 10 moths of 3 species!

2 Hebrew Characters
2 Early Grey (NFM)
6 Common Quaker (NFY)

I've been hoping for Early Grey as not trapped one before but know they are quite common really (used to start trapping may at the earliest with my DIY old trap, I had little confidence it would hold up to bad weather), and they really are nice looking moths, but way smaller than I imagined. I was thinking they would be quite large (not hawkmoth but something like a dark arches) not the same size as the Quakers or Hebrew Characters, just goes to show there is nothing like experience.

Early Grey

Early Grey

I was hoping that one or two of the Quakers might be something else but alas they are not.

Common Quaker

Common Quaker resting

If anyone read this post this morning you may have seen only 5 common quaker listed well I found another as I put the trap out (in the trap still) not sure how I missed it but there you go, a 10 moth night. And hoping for more tonight!

Edit: Pics uploaded and moth numbers adjusted.

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