Sunday, 21 April 2013

Another cracking night

Well the night of the 19th didn't produce much 4 moths, singles of Diurnea fagella (NFY), Double-striped Pug(NFY) (on the window), Common Quaker and Hebrew Character. But last night, after a warm day was a great evening (even though the skies were crystal clear and it was on the chilly side). 

A total of 16 moths of 6 species (by far the best night this year). It kicked off with a first for me in the form of a TWIN-SPOTTED QUAKER that I spotted on my boys bedroom window while looking at the moon (a quick precarious lean outside of the window and it was in the pot, a bit of a rough individual but still a first so always good.

Twin-Spotted Quaker
In the trap in the morning were 13 moths, of 5 species:

Diurnea fagella - 2
Common Quaker - 3
Clouded Drab - 2
Hebrew Character - 5
Early Grey - 2

As well as a third early grey on the fence post, not a bad haul all in. Tonight I'm trapping out the front (these were all in the back) but it is due to be warmer and overcast over night so may be even better (well I can but hope).

Early Grey
 I have made the assumption that these are both Clouded Drab (see below) but the top one is rather worn and holding it's wings slightly differently.

Clouded Drab side by side
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