Saturday, 13 April 2013

Not just Hebrew Characters!

Finally something different! Still not the large numbers of moths, but again last night was a little chilly, but this morning I awoke to two moths, of two species, and OK one was yet another Hebrew Character, but the second was (I'm pretty sure) a Clouded Drab.

Clouded Drab on finger

Alright so it isn't the most exciting Moth in the world, but it is new for the current garden (pretty much everything is as only trapped here since Feb) New for the year (NFY) and new for the trap. They can also be quite tricky to ID (Well for me at least) but I believe the dark wing spots and shape of the wings (Clouded drab are squarer I believe) safely show it's differences from Lead-coloured Drab (and it isn't Common Quaker).

Clouded Drab on rock
I've included the below out of focus shot (well the head) for a better view of the wings, and also a previous upload of a Lead-coloured Drab as comparison (obviously colouration can vary in these moths).
Showing Wing markings

Lead-Coloured Drab for comparison.


  1. Wahaay well done! Now you will get a deluge of Clouded Drabs :0

  2. All I have here tonight is a deluge of rain! The heavens opened at lunch and are not due to stop till tomorrow some time, no trap out tonight (or till Tuesday now as working).

  3. Love the Lead-coloured Drab! One I'm still searching for.

    Happy mothing :)