Monday, 8 April 2013

The lows of 2013

I may be being selfish but I can't believe how poor the mothing has been, I get a new tap for my birthday in Feb and have so far managed to catch I think 10 moths in total in the trap only 4 species (singles of three and the rest Hebrew Character).

I even had a week away in Kent trapping in my old mans garden (Margate) and blanked every night. I'm sure some of it may be my trapping skills (I don't sit by the trap all night and in fact only visit once before bed then get up pre-dawn to "close" it off.

Anyway last nights trapping produced another three Hebrew Characters (the same as the last time I successfully trapped), and 2 more than the previous catch.

Anyway here are a few images of the recent moths:

Hebrew Character

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