Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Another cracking night

The night started at some pace last night, it was still, warm and humid and the moths loved it (although the wind picked up around 11:30 and the moths stopped coming really). I first checked my trap at about 21:30 and had my first cracking new moth in the form of a Waver Umber, and it was all go from there, at one point there were 5 Brimstone moths crawling over the grass and me as I tried to pot them for the morning.

I also had one of my all time favourite moths, a species I have only seen once before at the reception of where I work of all places and that was a stunning Ruby Tiger, anyway the details and photos are here.

21 moths of 11 (Identified) Species:

Bee Moth (3)
Brimstone Moth (6)
Yellow Barred Brindle (1)
Ruby Tiger (1)
Garden Carpet (3)
Dagger Sp. (1 I think Grey Dagger but I don't disect so I will never truely know)
Waved Umber (1)
Sallow Kitten (1)
V-Pug (1)
Common Pug (1)
Saraphim (1)
Pug Sp. (1)

Garden Carpet (one of three)


Common Pug

Brimstone Moth (one of 6)

Ruby Tiger (one of my favourite moths)

Dagger Sp. (I think Grey, but without cutting it up, which I won't do, I'll have to leave it at that).

Seraphim (had me puzzling for a while I can tell you).

Another of the Ruby Tiger

Waved Umber (this flew as I tried to grab a photo and landed on the cobwebs a quick snap and I released it unharmed where it flew off)

Sallow Kitten (this one isn't the greatest of photos but it just would not play ball).

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