Saturday, 18 May 2013

Finally some trapping!

The weather has been appalling, if I have not been at work it has been wet over night and by wet I mean torrential rain, this is supposed to be MAY! Anyway last night was finally dry so I got the trap out, MV bulb blaring and lighting up half the streets gardens. I was, it has to be said, quite disappointed by the results.

I got to the trap and there were two garden carpets hanging around, one I potted, the other dropped into the trap, so I closed it up and went back to bed (it was 4 am) I cam back down around 7 and there was nothing, not a single moth in my trap, the carpet had gone and there was nothing else (not even a blooming Hebrew Character!). So my only moth, or so I thought, was my Garden Carpet, new for this garden, but I've trapped plenty before.

A quick check of the fences however produced a new moth for me in the shape of a stunning Yellow-Barred Brindle, this stunning green Geometridae (see below) was sitting on the fence waiting for my discovery.

Yellow-Barred Brindle

Garden Carpet

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