Sunday, 19 May 2013

That's more like it

A much better night last night, 19 moths, of at least 10 species (May be more but my ID skills with Pugs is appalling).

3 Garden Carpet
3 Brimstone Moth (NFM)
4 Pug sp.
1 Oak Tree Pug
1 Brindled Pug
1 Yellow-Barred Brindle
1 The Mullein (NFM)
1 Pale Prominent
1 Pale Tussock (With damage to wing?)
1 Common Quaker (Very worn)
2 Bee Moth

And so to the images, first some Brimstone Moths which are truly stunning, these yellow gems really do look similar to the butterfly, so much so that my daughter told me they were brimstone's as soon as she saw them (although she did think they were the butterfly).

Brimstone Moth

Brimstone Moth

Brimstone Moth

Next another new one for me, The Mullein, it's a fantastic looking moth as I'm sure you will agree, this one didn't want to leave my finger (which meant my other half had to take this photo) finally I coaxed it off and took the rest.
The Mullein on my finger

The Mullein

The Mullein head
This is another odd looking moth the pale Prominent, they really look like bits of wood, so are harder to find for birds.
Pale Prominent

Pale Prominent from above

Pale Prominent face on
This Pale Tussock looks like it has damage or has a wing that isnt fully formed?
Pale Tussock, left wing seems not fully formed.
And finally some I'm not sure on the ID of, two Pugs, and two Micros, I'd appreciate any help with ID just leave me a comment Thanks.

Brindled Pug

Oak-Tree Pug pug

Bee Moth

Bee Moth
Thanks for looking and I hope you enjoy the images.

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