Thursday, 30 May 2013

Trapping in the rain

I thought I would risk trapping last night and I am so glad I did, it rained as I put the trap out and absolutely hammered down at times through the night but I had my first Hawk moth of the year in the trap this morning (when I say in the trap I mean clung to the bulb holder). Not much else though except for one which I just cannot get to fit anything, a Noctuidae of some kind (hopefully I'll have an ID soon)


Noctuidae appears to be a Rustic Shoulder Knot which is another new species for me and is my 98th (2 to go for the 100 species mark).

2 Brimstone Moth
1 Garden Carpet
1 Poplar Hawk Moth
1 Rustic Shoulder Knot

Poplar Hawk Moth

Rustic Shoulder Knowt

Rustic Shoulder Knot from above

Poplar Hawk Moth

Poplar Hawk Moth

My 3 Year Old daughter holding the Hawk moth (she is getting braver with moths now which is nice, and good to teach kids how to handle things early in life)

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