Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Seems I've fallen behind

Well I have 4 nights of trapping that I appear to not have recorded on here (my motivation has been down recently). Anyway as a quick catch up, the lists/totals followed by the photos.


1 Garden Carpet 
1 Common Pug 
1 Brimstone Moth 
1 Common White Wave 
1 Common Quaker 
1 Angle Shades 
1 Rustic Shoulder-knot 


1 Common Swift 
1 Light Brown Apple Moth 
3 Scoparia pyralella
1 Bee Moth 
3 Garden Carpet 
6 Common Marbled Carpet 
3 Mottled Pug 
1 Wormwood Pug 
3 Common Pug 
1 Brimstone Moth 
1 Peppered Moth 
4 Common White Wave 
5 Clouded Silver 
1 Poplar Hawk-moth 
1 Elephant Hawk-moth 
1 Pale Prominent 
1 Orange Footman 
7 Heart & Dart 
1 Flame Shoulder 
2 Bright-line Brown-eye 
1 Poplar Grey 
1 Knot Grass 
1 Brown Rustic 
1 Rustic Shoulder-knot 
2 Marbled Minor 
4 Pug Sp


1 Common Swift 
7 Light Brown Apple Moth 
4 Apotomis turbidana
2 Scoparia pyralella
2 Garden Carpet 
1 Peppered Moth 
2 Mottled Beauty 
1 Common White Wave 
1 Maple Prominent 
1 Orange Footman 
12 Heart & Dart 
3 Bright-line Brown-eye 
1 Angle Shades 


2 Light Brown Apple Moth 
2 Apotomis turbidana
5 Scoparia pyralella
1 Garden Carpet 
1 Brimstone Moth 
1 Willow Beauty 
1 Poplar Hawk-moth 
1 Elephant Hawk-moth 

8 Heart & Dart 
1 Large Yellow Underwing 
1 Dot Moth 
1 Varied Coronet 
1 Common Quaker 
2 Brown Rustic 
1 Green Silver-lines 
1 Silver Y 
1 Bright-Line Brown-Eye

So as you can see quite a good few nights, lots of variety if not huge numbers, a fair few new moths for me, and some great looking ones (the Green Silver Lines is stunning). Anyway on to the photos of some of the moths.

Angle Shades (missing a front leg!)

Orange Footman

Poplar Grey

Marble Minor Ag (I think Tawny)

I can't get past common Quaker but too late?

Varied Coronet

Dot Moth

Large Yellow Underwing

Varied Coronet

Dot Moth

Green Silver Lines
Green Silver Lines Face on.

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

What a night!

Last night was officially my best night's trapping ever! 34 moths of (I think) 19 species! A number of new moths for me, certainly plenty of new ones for the garden, it just goes to show weather makes a huge difference, yesterday evening through the nigh you could feel the humidity in the air, it was over cast and the moths loved it! And so to the list:

3 Mottled Pug
3 Common Pug
1 Slender Pug
1 Oak-tree Pug
1 Green Pug (I think very worn, photo below)
2 Garden Carpet
3 Common Marble Carpet
1 Greed Carpet
1 Red-Green Carpet
3 Clouded Silver (NFM)
6 Heart & Dart
2 Bright-line Brown-eye
1 Bee Moth
1 Pale Prominent
2 Common swift (Male and a large dull female that had me scratching my head)
1 Brimstone
1 Great Oak Beauty (NFM)
1 Elephant Hawk Moth (My 3rd hawk moth and 3rd species this year!)

As you can see quite a haul, and the pugs had me working. Lots of pics so a few are below, I hope you all like them.

Clouded Silver (A new moth for me, very delicate looking)

Male Common Swift

I think Female Common Swift (but happy to be corrected)

Red-Green Carpet

Common Marble Carpet (never noticed the green tint to the wing before)

Great Oak Beauty

I think worn Green Pug, but happy to be corrected

Elephant Hawk Moth (side view)

Elephant Hawk Moth (top view)

Elephant Hawk Moth (side view)

Elephant Hawk Moth (face)

Another side view

In my daughters hand (she is very gentle for a 3/4 year old

Friday, 7 June 2013

A few sessions to catch up on.

Sorry not posted for a while, but to catch up quickly, some OK trapping, still no huge numbers but some nice moths seen, below are the dates and the list for that day. With pics to follow.


Bee Moth 1
Red Twin-spot Carpet 1
Clouded Border 1
Brimstone Moth 4
Flame Shoulder 1
Hebrew Character 1


Garden Carpet 1
Mottled Pug 2
Common Pug 1
Brimstone Moth 2
Maple Prominent 1
Pale Prominent 1
The Cinnabar1
Burnet Companion 3 (during the day)


Bee Moth 1
Common Carpet 1
Green Carpet 1
Small Elephant Hawk-moth 1
Flame Shoulder 2
Bright-line Brown-eye 1

A few new ones in there either for me or the garden and some stunning ones like the Cinnabar, The Small Elephant Hawk Moth, and the Maple Prominent. Anyway here are the pictures:

Maple Prominent montage

Pale Prominent montage

Maple Prominent

Bright-Line Brown-Eye

Common Carpet

Small Elephant Hawk Moth (front on)

Small Elephant Hawk Moth (side view)

Small Elephant Hawk Moth