Wednesday, 12 June 2013

What a night!

Last night was officially my best night's trapping ever! 34 moths of (I think) 19 species! A number of new moths for me, certainly plenty of new ones for the garden, it just goes to show weather makes a huge difference, yesterday evening through the nigh you could feel the humidity in the air, it was over cast and the moths loved it! And so to the list:

3 Mottled Pug
3 Common Pug
1 Slender Pug
1 Oak-tree Pug
1 Green Pug (I think very worn, photo below)
2 Garden Carpet
3 Common Marble Carpet
1 Greed Carpet
1 Red-Green Carpet
3 Clouded Silver (NFM)
6 Heart & Dart
2 Bright-line Brown-eye
1 Bee Moth
1 Pale Prominent
2 Common swift (Male and a large dull female that had me scratching my head)
1 Brimstone
1 Great Oak Beauty (NFM)
1 Elephant Hawk Moth (My 3rd hawk moth and 3rd species this year!)

As you can see quite a haul, and the pugs had me working. Lots of pics so a few are below, I hope you all like them.

Clouded Silver (A new moth for me, very delicate looking)

Male Common Swift

I think Female Common Swift (but happy to be corrected)

Red-Green Carpet

Common Marble Carpet (never noticed the green tint to the wing before)

Great Oak Beauty

I think worn Green Pug, but happy to be corrected

Elephant Hawk Moth (side view)

Elephant Hawk Moth (top view)

Elephant Hawk Moth (side view)

Elephant Hawk Moth (face)

Another side view

In my daughters hand (she is very gentle for a 3/4 year old

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