Monday, 15 July 2013

Another good evening

I love this time of year, so many moths, so many species loads new for me and some really cool looking moths. I loved the Scarce Silver Lines and the Magpie but I must admit the Buff Tip is my favourite of the day. Anyway quick post, here are the species:

White Plume Moth  1 NFM
Buff Arches  2
Common Emerald  1
Dwarf Cream Wave  2
Riband Wave  9
Garden Carpet  2
Common Marbled Carpet  1
Barred Yellow  1
Brown Scallop  1 NFM
Green Pug  2
The Magpie  1 NFM
Brimstone Moth  5
Swallow-tailed Moth  5
Peppered Moth  1
Mottled Beauty  2
Common White Wave  1
Clouded Silver  1
Light Emerald  1
Poplar Hawk-moth  1
Maple Prominent  3
Common Footman  6
Heart & Dart  6
The Flame  1
Double Square-spot  2
Dot Moth  1
Bright-line Brown-eye  1
Marbled Beauty  2 NFM
Dark Arches  6
The Uncertain  8
The Rustic  2
Mottled Rustic  10
Scarce Silver-lines  1 NFM
Beautiful Hook-tip  1
The Snout  1
The Fan-foot  1
Marbled Minor Agg 1
Grey Dagger Agg 1

And here are the photos (there are some Micros at the end that are not ID'd yet)

Buff Tip (what a seriously cool moth!)

Buff tip face

Buff Tip

Marbled Beauty (pretty sure?)

The Magpie (another stunner)

Beautiful Hook-Tip

I think this is a Brown Scalloped

Scarce Silver Lines

Scarce Silver Lines (a real beauty)

Scarce Silver Lines (face)
And now for the unknown Micros (any help greatly received)

Batia unitella

 Endotricha flammealis

Aleimma loeflingiana

Aleimma loeflingiana

Bird-Cherry Ermine

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