Sunday, 7 July 2013

Another good night

With the heat wave continuing (yesterday was the hottest day of the year so far) and my time over the next week limited (for trapping purposes, work and birthdays will prevent trapping apart from Tuesday night) I trapped two nights in a row, I put the previous days haul out the front and set the trap up in the back (I hope this may have eliminated too many moths being re-trapped but in truth I am not sure).

Anyway another good night, 93 moths (identified) of 29 species, again a number of micros have been ignored, I don't have a book, and as I am still really learning the macros I am not overly fussed to record them all.

The list:

Green Oak Tortrix  7 NFM
Small Magpie  1
Phlyctaenia coronata 1 NFM
Udea olivalis 1 NFM
Bee Moth  4
Buff Arches  4
Blood-vein  1 NFM
Small Dusty Wave  1
Riband Wave  4
Silver-ground Carpet  1
Garden Carpet  3
Barred Yellow  1
Brimstone Moth  5
Swallow-tailed Moth  2 NFM
Mottled Beauty  2
Clouded Silver  3
Buff Ermine  1
Heart & Dart  14
The Flame  4 NFM
Dot Moth  2
Bright-line Brown-eye  2
Dark Arches  5
The Uncertain  3
Mottled Rustic  11
Green Silver-lines  1
Silver Y  1
The Snout  1
The Fan-foot  6
Marbled Minor Ag 1

Just realised my list missed the Elephant Hawk Moth I also caught, oh well.

And now for the photos, A few of these are micros I have not identified so if anyone knows them, please comment and let me know (always appreciated), it should be clear which have been ID'd and which haven't, I hope you like them.

The Flame

The Flame

Blood Vein (a stunning moth, amazing colours)

phlyctaenia coronata

Swallow-tailed moth

Green Silver-lines

The Fan-foot
And no those that need an ID:

Unidentified micro 1

Unidentified micro 2

unidentified micro 3

Unidentified micro 4

unidentified pug 1 (I am really bad with pugs)

Unidentified pug 2

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