Saturday, 6 July 2013

Best Night Yet!

Wow what a night!!

When I checked my trap around 23:00 there were moths coming in from all angles (including a stunning green species that I just could not pot, and it was gone in the morning). I was literally being hit by them coming in, it was utterly fantastic. Come 04:00 when I closed the trap up I was happy it would be a good session and I was not wrong when I rose around 08:00 there were 92 moths of 40 species (and this did NOT include the micros which I did not have the time to check through.

I thought I had this ID thing licked and then I had last night! with 14 Dark Arches I lumped another in the fold (which would have made 15) but then I realised something was wrong but I could not for the life of me figure what it was fortunately the face book page Butterflies and Moths UK came to my aid (actually a good friend of mine Steve Blaine), and gave me the ID of Clouded Brindle.

An amazing night to be sure, but here are the totals/species recorded:

Brown House-moth  1
Light Brown Apple Moth  2
Bee Moth  1
Buff Arches  6
Riband Wave  2
Garden Carpet  5
Yellow Shell  2
Common Marbled Carpet  2
Barred Yellow  2
Green Pug  2
Brimstone Moth  3
Peppered Moth  2
Mottled Umber  2
Willow Beauty  2
Clouded Silver  3
Light Emerald  1
Poplar Hawk-moth  1
Elephant Hawk-moth  1
Maple Prominent  1
Common Footman  1
Buff Ermine  1
Heart & Dart  7
Shuttle-shaped Dart  1 NFM
Large Yellow Underwing  2
Double Square-spot  1
Bright-line Brown-eye  1
Varied Coronet  1
White-point  1 NFM
Poplar Grey  2
Brown Rustic  1
Dark Arches  14
Clouded Brindle  1 NFM
Marbled Minor  2
The Uncertain  5
Mottled Rustic  3
Beautiful Hook-tip  3 NFM
The Snout  1 NFM
The Fan-foot  1 NFM
Marbled Minor Ag 1
Grey Dagger Ag 1

I had a busy day scheduled so only managed to grab a few photos, but here are the highlights:

The Clouded Brindle that got me head scratching.


White-Point (side)

Maple Prominent (I really like these guys)

Varied Coronet
Anyway I will trap again tonight as it has been another scorcher and my little girl (who turns 4 on Wednesday) would like me to get to 100 moths in the trap over night, so here's hoping.

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