Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Broke 100 in the trap last night!

I promised my daughter we would trap last night in the hope that on her 4th birthday there would be 100 moths in the trap, and guess what? We did it in fact there were over a hundred 114 in total (not including some micros I didn't ID) and 43 species.

Large Fruit-tree Tortrix  1 NFM
Light Brown Apple Moth  2
Phlyctaenia coronata 1
Bee Moth  1
Buff Arches  4
Common Emerald  2 NFM
Dwarf Cream Wave  1
Riband Wave  3
Silver-ground Carpet  1
Garden Carpet  2
Common Marbled Carpet  1
Green Pug  5
Brimstone Moth  3
Swallow-tailed Moth  2
Peppered Moth  2
Mottled Beauty  2
Clouded Silver  3
Light Emerald  1
Elephant Hawk-moth  1
Common Footman  4
Heart & Dart  7
The Flame  2
Large Yellow Underwing  2
Double Square-spot  2
Dot Moth  5
Bright-line Brown-eye  1
Varied Coronet  1
The Clay  1 NFM
Poplar Grey  2
Brown Rustic  2
Dingy Shears  2 NFM
Dark Arches  15
Light Arches  1
Clouded Brindle  3
Marbled Minor  1
The Uncertain  2
The Rustic  4
Mottled Rustic  9
The Spectacle  1
The Fan-foot  3
Marbled minor Ag 5
Dark Dagger Ag 1

The last one I assume is just a Willow Beauty but I'm half hoping it is a Feathered Beauty, Only have the one photo (see below) but something just looks odd to me (Identified as Mottled Beauty by the local recorder). Oh and while I'm at it I caught two Common Emerald (as you can see) but only one has chequered fringes to the wing, again a little confused by this.

Anyway here are the images from last night.

Identified as Mottled Beauty (I still have a long way to go)

Common Emerald

Common Emerald without markings on trailing edge of wings
Large Fruit-tree Tortrix

Dwarf Cream Wave

Green Pug

The Spectacled

Dingy Shears

Dingy Shears (face)

Marbled Minor (I think although was on the large side)

As above (face view though)

Dot Moth

One final thing, and this really is an odd thing, I assumed all moths laid eggs, but I have 5 species of moth in one large tub and all of a sudden the tube has 50 or so tiny (2mm max) caterpillars in it, so it would seem that one of the moths laid live young!!

The moths were: Dot Moth; Dark Arches; The Clay; Heart & Dart;Common Emerald. I have a (very) poor photo of one of the cats, and would love to hear peoples thoughts on this.

Caterpillar that was born from one of the trapped moths without coming from eggs.

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