Thursday, 4 July 2013

It's funny how I get so many singles.

I've noticed a trend with my trapping, I get a lot of singles, you know one of a species in the trap and that is all, in fact looking at my records this has happened an awful lot, but it was highlighted last night with 13 species only being represented by one moth, on my previous two trappings there were 15 singles and 17 singles respectively. This seems odd to me, but I'm sure some of you who read this might have comments on if this is usual or not?

Anyway yesterday was blooming humid all day (and turned into a lovely evening, still, warm and generally pleasant) so I had to trap, and it was a good night 43 moths of 23 species:

Light Brown Apple Moth  2
Scoparia pyralella 3
Bee Moth  2
Buff Arches  1 NFM
Dwarf Cream Wave  1 NFM
Riband Wave  3 NFM
Yellow Shell  1
Barred Yellow  1 NFM
Brimstone Moth  2
Light Emerald  1 NFM
Elephant Hawk-moth  2
Common Footman  1 NFM
Buff Ermine  1
Heart & Dart  9
Large Yellow Underwing  1
Bright-line Brown-eye  2
Common Wainscot  1 NFM
Dark Arches  2
Light Arches  1
The Uncertain  3
The Rustic  1
The Spectacle  1 NFM
Marbled Minor Ag 1

And the photos (as always please correct me if you think my ID's are wrong). Spent a bit more time with them today:

The Spectacles of The Spectacled

The Spectacled Side view

Light Arches

Common Footman Side on

Common Footman Top view (I love footmen for some reason)

Buff Arches (Top)

Buff Arches (side - though the wings were spread more than normal rest)

Light Emerald

Common Wainscot (top)

Common Wainscot (side)

Common Wainscot (face)

Riband Wave

Buff Ermine (face view)

Buff Ermine (Side)

Buff Ermine (top)

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