Wednesday, 3 July 2013

The problems with trapping while working

Ok my trapping is still going strong, my photographing, and more importantly editing the photos, of my trapped moths is not so good as it has been and my blogging about it is, as you can see, woeful. I trapped Sunday night (30/06/2013) and I have yet to edit the photos (I am actually doing it as I write this post!).

It was a hot day so I assumed would be a cracking night for trapping and it was and it wasn't! What do I mean well I got good numbers of moths (51 moths 21 species) but they all came while I was asleep, I know what you are thinking this makes sense you trap at night, but usually I get a few before I head to bed, this night there were none, not a single moth around the trap.

Ok it was a good night in the end, but I like to see some moths before bed. Anyway here is the list:

Small Magpie  1 NFM
Yellow Shell  1
Common Marbled Carpet  1
Brimstone Moth  1
Peppered Moth  1
Mottled Beauty  1
Bordered White  1 NFM
Common White Wave  1
Clouded Silver  1
Heart & Dart  15
Flame Shoulder  1
Large Yellow Underwing  2
Bright-line Brown-eye  3
Broad-barred White  1 NFM
Poplar Grey  1 NFM
Brown Rustic  1
Dark Arches  2
Rustic Shoulder-knot  2
The Uncertain  1 NFM
The Rustic  6
Mottled Rustic  3 NFM
Silver Y  1
Marbled Minor Ag. 3

And here are the edited pictures of some of the moths I trapped (sorry they are not up to my best work, for some reason my mood for photographing the ones I caught was quite low on Monday morning):

Mottled Rustic

Broad-Barred White

Yellow Shell

Small Magpie Moth

Mottled Beauty
As always if my ID appears wrong please let me know, I'm happy to be corrected.

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