Saturday, 10 August 2013

Moth night and the previous session

Well it is currently moth night (3 nights from the 8th to the 10th August) so trapping was a must (glad I did) but this post also covers Saturday nights trapping (3/8/2013), I'll start with the lists:



Bird-cherry Ermine  13
Bird-cherry Ermine  5
Honeysuckle Moth  1
Brown House-moth  1
Brown House-moth  1
Mother of Pearl  1
Acleris forsskaleana 1 NFM Endotricha flammealis 2
Celypha striana 1 NFM Riband Wave  2
Eudemis profundana 1 NFM Wormwood Pug  1
Agriphila tristella 5
Scalloped Oak  3
Mother of Pearl  7
Willow Beauty  9
Endotricha flammealis 4
Brown-tail  1
Trachycera advenella 1 NFM White Satin Moth  1
Garden Carpet  1
Ruby Tiger  2
Common Carpet  1
Shuttle-shaped Dart  1 NFM
The V-Pug  1
Large Yellow Underwing  2
Scalloped Oak  1
Lesser Yellow Underwing  8
Willow Beauty  8
Lesser Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing  4
Mottled Beauty  1
Copper Underwing  1
Large Yellow Underwing  1
Straw Underwing  4
Lesser Yellow Underwing  2
The Dun-bar  2 NFM
Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing  1
Dark Arches  14
Lesser Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing  18
Common Rustic  6
Least Yellow Underwing  1
The Uncertain  1
Square-spot Rustic  1
The Rustic  1
Bright-line Brown-eye  1
Silver Y  4
Small Ranunculus  1 NFM

Marbled Beauty  3

Copper Underwing  1

Straw Underwing  5

Dark Arches  5

Common Rustic  8

Silver Y  8

Marbled Minor Agg 1

So not huge numbers as you can see but a few new species which is always nice. But for me the best moth is the Small Rannunculus I trapped last night, this moth was thought to be extinct in the UK until it was rediscovered in Kent in 1997, it has since spread out so not hugely rare but still a nice one to find in the trap (and probably my rarest find so far).

And on to the pictures:

Shuttle shaped dart
Shuttle shaped dart

Two Ruby Tigers
Two Ruby Tigers

The Dun-Bar
The Dun-Bar
Acleris forsskaleana
Acleris forsskaleana

Celypha striana
Celypha striana

Trachycera advenella
Trachycera advenella

Eudemis profundana
Eudemis profundana

Square-spot Rustic
Square-spot Rustic
Small Rannunculus
Small Rannunculus

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