Monday, 12 August 2013

Slowing down

It seems the trapping season is waning for me, I'm not sure why I'm sure the season should still be in full swing but my totals are steadily going down, only 77 moths last night of some 21 species, compared to last month this is well down.

I can see a few possible reasons, firstly the time of year (although August should still be a good month I thought), secondly the weather has not been as warm or humid of late (clear cool nights aren't so good) and thirdly I seem to be being visited by a number of wasps (around 4 or 5 each morning at the trap). I'm not sure if they eat all the moths (I don't seem to be seeing loads of wings) or if they scare off the incoming moths (I hope not?) but I guess a predator around the light can't help matters.

Orange Swift
Orange Swift

I have read that you may have to wait out the wasps (as in leave the trap off for a while) and while I'm not too pleased by this I am working and then away at the British Bird Fair for a few days so the moths will get a week off and maybe this will be enough for the wasps to go somewhere else.

Anyway onto last nights trapping, like I said not much but here is the list:

Orange Swift  1
Bird-cherry Ermine  8
 Honeysuckle Moth  1
Agriphila selasella 3 NFM
Agriphila tristella 5
Agriphila geniculea 1 NFM
Endotricha flammealis 3
Common Carpet  1
Yellow-barred Brindle  1
Scalloped Oak  2
Willow Beauty  5
Mottled Beauty  8
Large Yellow Underwing  4
Lesser Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing  15
Least Yellow Underwing  3
Marbled Beauty  1
Straw Underwing  1
Dark Arches  2
Common Rustic  5
Silver Y  6
Common Rustic Agg 1

As you can see pretty much the same as recently but the Orange Swift was a real beauty of a male (photos to follow) and the grass moths are causing me headaches. I am up to 172 moths for the garden so far this year (my total for this garden) and broke 200 on my moth life list on Friday so the hobby is still real fun.

And now for some photos, these are the grass types I have caught, tricky buggers!

Agriphila Straminella
Agriphila straminella

Agriphila geniculea
Agriphila geniculea

Agriphila tristella
Agriphila tristella

another Agriphila straminella I think

And now the Macro moths (not so many shots but the Orange Swift here is really beautiful in my opinion, one of my favs).

Common Rustic
Common Rustic

Yellow-Barred Brindle
Yellow-Barred Brindle

Orange Swift (male)
Orange Swift (male)

Orange Swift (male)
Orange Swift (male)

Orange Swift (male)
Orange Swift (male) face on.

Well that is me done for a week trapping I guess, anyone attending the bird fair pop by and say hello I will be working on the Birding 4 all stand in Marquee 4 (stand 12/13), I may see some of you there.

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