Thursday, 24 October 2013

Red Line Quaker, Brick, and November Moth

The title says it all, three new species for my list and the garden, Single Red-Line Quaker and Brick and three November Moths made up the bulk of the trapping last night plus a Green Brindled Crescent, 1 lesser Yellow underwing, 1 large yellow underwing and 4 Light Brown Apple Moths.

Green Brindled Crescent - Photographed, Milton Keynes
Green Brindled Crescent - Photographed, Milton Keynes

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

The mothing continues

I trapped again last night the first time I have trapped in October and I was delighted to find some moths in the trap, not many but I must admit I wasn't sure there would be any. It seems now though that it is the time of carpets (Common Marble Carpet to be precise) so I may swap over to my actinic type bulb, I'd be interested to know what others do?

The Sallow side view - Photographed in Milton Keynes
The Sallow (side view) - Photographed in Milton Keynes