These are websites I like to visit or have a connection with, please have a look, you might like them too! I'll be adding more.


Back Garden Moths - I use their forums and what's flying now pages.
Butterflies and Moths UK - A Facebook page I post a lot on, great for getting tricky ID's and sharing info.
The Entomological Livestock Group - This is where I get my mothing gear from (Paul Batty is a great guy for helping decide what is needed.
Moths in my east Kent Garden and Beyond - A moth blog from near my dad (I trap in his garden when I visit).
Holding Moments - Another guy local to me who traps.


Fatbirder - Well I have to plug the old mans sites!
Fatfisherman - It's a family brand.
Fatphotographer - My own site in the family.


Views From an Urban Lake - My other nature blog.
Fat Gardener - My dads garden wildlife blog.
Fatphotographer blog - Another blog of mine


Birding For All - One of the charities I work for.
Birding For All Facebook - The Facebook page of above.
Suki Memorial Woodland Trust  - The other charity I work for.
Suki Memorial Woodland Trust Facebook - The Facebook page of above.


Falling Fruit - Great site for places to forage free food/fruit. Not many UK sites yet so get posting!